Finally some News from my Debut-Novel „The cut down lemon tree“

My dear Blog-followers and Debut-Novel-Fans!

Finally there are coming some News  from my Debut-Novel: „The cut down lemon tree“

I`m still working on my crowdfunding-campaign for the print-production and the marketing and maybe for the English Translation of my Debut-Novel.

Just to tell for now: The project-side of the campaign will be on startnext here:

Just to memorize: I plan to start the campaign from 31. August 2015 and it will probably till 30. September 2015.

Others: I´m still working with my Cameraman on the trailer for my crowdfunding-project, which I will stream on my project-side nominated above, when the campaign will start and maybe I will post here before some funny Making-of-Trailer-Videos. 😉

Also will here come soon a Dummy-Trailer of „the cut down lemon tree“.

To everyone I wish a good weekend and a nice time … and thank you so much for your interest and your patience 🙂

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