Special English-Project-Site of my Crowdfunding-Project for who don´t understand German

My dear English speaking followers and debut-novel-fans, what I always want to say but always forgot: I made a special English project-site: https://www.startnext.com/en/thecutdownlemontree for you for my crowdfunding-project of my debut-novel „the cut down lemon tree“ with the help of a English-Mother-language-Coach, because my English is not so good and I hope so it is good to understand. Unfortunately the English Trailer, which I extra produced, i can´t put  on the English Project-site, there you will see for now the beautiful seaside from Sicily, but you can see the English Trailer on the blog on the right site under. Sorry for this. For now this project is planned to be produced only in German language, but maybe one day I will let it translate and it will also be available in English language, maybe with another crowdfunding-campaign ;), if the first one work good. So just for now very much thanks for your interest and support and i wish a good weekend.

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